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Hoop Dreams Charity Fund  

     The GTBBL Hoop Dreams Charity Fund was established by the Gloucester Township Boys Basketball League to support Disabled Children and Families in need throughout the community with services and financial relief.  This charity effort also supports the partners of the GTBBL Charity Network.


     Money to support these charity efforts is raised solely by league events and activities designated for such purposes. These events and fund raising activities are supported by the families of the GTBBL organization as well as the citizens of Gloucester Township on a purely volunteer bases.  




Colin Lawlor



















   Colin Lawlor is a 15 years old and played in the GTBBL 13 & 14 year-old Junior Division last year.

   Last year Colin was awarded the Junior Division Sportsmanship Player of the year.

   Last year Colin was diagnosed with an Cancerous, but Operable Brain Tumor and underwent surgery on July 15.

   At this time Colin is battling back down his long road to recovery with his Support Team of Family, Friends, Players, and the entire GTBBL Organization Membership.

   Colin and his Family are now being supported through the sale of Bracelets for Colin in addition to financial support from our GTBBL Hoop Dreams Charity Fund and other fund Raising Activities.


Chase Dempsey




     During the 2018/2019 GTBBL Basketball season Chase Dempsey played on the 76ers team in the GTBBL 11&12 year-old Sophomore Division.


     Chase was diagnosed with a tumor found in his thyroid. A successful surgery was performed to remove the tumor which was found to be non-cancerous.


     Through it all, Chase remained upbeat and was an inspiration to everyone whose lives he has touched.   His spirit and smiling face were undeniable even through tough times. Even though he missed playing Basketball in his teams Post-season Tournament, he was there to cheer his teammates on. He is looking forward to playing next



     Chase received a beautiful Get Well Gift Basket in the hospital and has also received a Free Life Time Registration to play basketball for as long as he wants to from our Hoop Dreams Charity.

Vienna Eve Brattelli

      On 4/8/17 we gave birth to our 2nd daughter Vienna Eve Brattelli.  We didn’t know at the time that Vienna was born with an ultra-rare form of Downs Syndrome called Translocation.  We were not prepared for this because none of the genetic tests revealed any problems.  We were caught off guard when Vienna’s EKG showed that she had a large hole in her heart and that she would need surgery to repair it in June. 

     We prepared for the surgery and were told the success rate for this surgery was very high, and that Early Intervention Services would begin soon after recovery.  Vienna had open heart surgery on June 20th and was expected to be in the hospital for 3-7 days at most.  She underwent many complications, which prolonged our stay at Dupont in Delaware. The surgical team and nurses were unable to remove Vienna’s chest tube after surgery, which required a 2nd surgery.  Vienna developed many issues that prolonged her hospital stay, including increased fluid that developed around her heart, an irregular heart rhythm, and extremely low sodium levels due to her Lasix medication.  She also did not gaining sufficient weight, so she had to remain on a feeding tube, all of which extended her hospital stay to 24 days.    

     Vienna was finally discharged on July 14th, and came home on a feeding tube, as well as many different medicines to help her with her recovery.  Vienna has had, and will have, countless tests and doctor’s appointments and many Early Intervention Services going forward but she has come a long way in the first year of her life.  Toni and I know how lucky we are to have such a strong support system of family, friends, and co-workers.  Without them, Vienna wouldn’t have made the strides she has so far. 

On behalf of Vienna and our entire family, we would like to thank the GTBBL and its Board of Directors for their extremely generous 2018 Award Grant being donated through their Hoop Dreams Kids Charity Fund. This grant is being donated into a Trust Fund set up for Vienna’s future medical care and financial support.  We are extremely grateful for all of the love and support offered by your organization.


Rich, Toni, GiaMarie, and Vienna Brattelli

Jeffrey Gazzara


     Jeffrey Gazzara is 27 years old. He was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa at the age of 12. He was declared legally blind. The disease has greatly affected his life. He was originally diagnosed when he got hit in the face twice playing baseball. He had to stop playing baseball and football which he loves.

     He was immediately assigned a caseworker with the, Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired. He has had accommodations set up with them for school since he was diagnosed. They have also provided training  for walking with a cane and have provided him with equipment to be able to read.


By the time Jeffrey got to college his eyes got much worse. It was much harder for him to read and be able to keep up with his studies. He did graduate from University of Penn with honors and was accepted to Medical School at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. Jeffrey will be graduating in June from Medical School, and will be moving to Muskegon, Michigan for a residency at, Mercy Health Systems.

     A person with a disability also has a financial burden.  We are required to help pay for any equipment or training Jeffrey needs. There are also expenses of paying for transportation such as Uber and Taxi’s when there are no busses available. We have a major expense now of moving Jeffrey to Michigan.

     Throughout Jeffrey’s life it has been a complete struggle. Bumping into things and getting hurt and constantly dealing with people and their comments they make about his visual impairment. Not being ever able to drive or pour something into a glass without putting your finger in it to feel the liquid. Not just for Jeffrey but anyone with a disability. People just don’t realize what a struggle life can really be. In spite of it all he will be completing his education and training to become a doctor.

     During our organizations 2016 Awards Banquet, Jeffrey received a donation from our  Hoop Dreams Charity Fund. Hopefully this donation will  help to defer some of Jeffrey's financial burdens as he works towards making his dream come true of becoming a doctor.  

Jaxson Bradley

 Here is my story about Jaxson....
Jaxson is 18 months old. He was born on 7/10/14. Jaxson was born with Down Syndrome. As time went on, medical conditions started presenting. The first was in November 2014, Jaxson was admitted to CHOP with RSV and Infantile Spasms, a rare seizure condition. He also has Laryngo Trachea Bronchomalaccia (congenital softening of the tissues of the Larynx, Trachea, and Bronchioles of the lungs), moderate - severe hypotonia, reflux, Hypothyroidism, urinary retention, constipation, astigmatism and nearsightedness in both eyes

(and wears adorable blue glasses)


He has a G tube in his belly to feed him, is on the Ketogenic diet for his seizures and takes a rare med that was just approved by the USFDA and you can only acquire it from 1 pharmacy in the country, has to be straight cached every 4 hours with a catheter left in overnight, and is on several medications and treatments. Jaxson receives PT/OT twice a week through Early Intervention and has additional outpatient therapy services as well.



He has a special tub seat and his custom wheelchair/stroller and feeding/seating chair should be here soon. Jaxson has several machines in the home as well as part of his medicine regimen. Yes, Jaxson has a lot that he has to endure. However, that does not make Jaxson, aka Stinky, aka Stinky Peanut, is the most mild mannered, easy going and sweetest baby I have ever known. He hasn't been able to smile in almost a year from the seizures but he recently did, and he lit up the room:) Jaxson is a snuggler and he loves Mickey Mouse. He touches all who meet him and those who hear about him.

Recently Jaxson was admitted to CHOP and is in the ICU for RSV, Pneumonia, and Sepsis. He is incubated and on a ventilator to breathe for him. He needed 2 blood transfusions and is in a medically induced coma. They tried to exuberate him and it was unsuccessful. Jaxson is in CHOP fighting for his life. It has been a long road, this is his 9th admission in the 18 months of his life. He is a fighter. He will pull through. He is my little Superman Super Stinks:)


Through our GTBBL Hoop Dreams Charity Fund, we have provided the necessary funds needed to reach the Donation Goals set up for Jaxson's care.  We look forward to continuing our support in the future for Jaxson and his Mom Jill.

Ashley Rose Parry


     In May of 2006, Dawn and Bill Parry were anticipating the birth of their third daughter, who would be named Ashley Rose. What should have been one of the happiest times of their lives turned into a very tragic one. There were multiple complications surrounding Ashley’s birth, and both she and Dawn almost lost their lives. Thankfully they both survived and Dawn has made a fully recovery.

     The Gloucester Township Boys Basketball League’s Hoop Dreams Charity Fund has donated $500.00 to the Parry family. Any donations would be greatly appreciated.


     Due to oxygen deprivation during her birth, Ashley has severe Cerebral Palsy. Because of it, she is seriously handicapped with many medical conditions. She is partially deaf and blind. She has no gag reflex and because of that, will never be able to eat or drink on her own and must be fed by a feeding tube that is inserted directly into her stomach.  


     Ashley will never walk and play like other children, and has had to have surgery to correct a hip dislocation and will most likely need additional surgeries. She suffers from multiple seizures every day.  


     The amount of medication that Ashley needs to take on a daily basis is substantial. She needs 24 hour supervision and the family has a nurse that comes to their home to help with her care. Ashley also requires specialized medical equipment, which includes a car seat specifically designed for her, a wheel chair, a “pump” and related apparatus for her feedings, a nebulizer, and more. In the future, it is likely that the Parry’s home will have to be remodeled, so that it better suits Ashley’s needs as she gets older and bigger. They will almost definitely need to purchase a vehicle equipped for a handicapped person.

The Foster Family
     The Gloucester Township Boys Basketball League  recently held a fund-raiser through the organization’s Hoop Dreams Charity Fund to benefit the family of GTBBL coach Mike Foster who recently passed away.
      A presentation took place at the Gloucester Township Court Room during the league’s General  monthly Meeting.  In attendance for the presentation were Mike's wife Catherine Foster, her three children, and Catherine’s sister and brother-in-law.

     Through the generosity of the membership of the organization, the GTBBL Board of  Directors presented the Foster family with a check for $2,000.00 in memory of Mike.  In addition, Mike and Catherine’s children received Christmas gifts from the league.

     We would like to thank the members of our Coaching Staff, Booster Club, Board of Directors, parents, and players for their outpouring of support for the Foster Family.

Travis Wahl

Welcome Travis Wahl, and his family to the GTBBL Hoop Dreams family.

Travis is four years old and suffers from IGA Deficiency Reflux. He also suffers Asthma and a heart condition. He has had Pneumonia ten times since he was born.

In addition to Travis's medical condition, Mom and Dad recently had to deal with another problem which also effected the entire family. The oil tank in their home ruptured leaving them without heat.   Without the extra money to replace the oil tank they have been relying on three electric heaters in an attempt to keep their home warm until they could come up with the money to repair it. During this time one of space heaters caught fire.

Upon hearing of the Wahl family's situation the GTBBL responded quickly to the family in their time of need.

Through the GTBBL Hoop Dreams Charity Fund a contractor was hired to remove and replace the families oil tank. Our best wishes go out to Travis and his family.

Timmy Horgan


Timmy Horgan is 15 years old and is a Sophomore attending Timber Creek High School. Timmy was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy when he was 4 years old. Although his affliction is described as a muscular wasting disease it did not deter Timmy from his desire to become involved with school activities. Timmy could be found on the sidelines, keeping score of all the boys and girls soccer games during the Fall.  Timmy is an avid sports fan with Hockey as his favorite sport and the Flyers on record as his favorite team. Although Timmy's enthusiasm and personality for life are infectious. The license plate on his wheel chair reads 2 FAST 4U, which says it all. Last years he was nominated for the school's Peoples Choice award and was also honored at Timber Creek's Sports Banquet. Timmy will be the guest of honor at the GTBBL's Comedy Tonight Fund raiser for Make-A-Wish Foundation of NJ.  We are proud to add Timmy as one of our Hoop Dreams Kids.                 

Scott West



 Scott West is 13 years old was out riding his bike after school in Erial NJ with three of his friends. There was nothing unusual about friends out enjoying the day riding their bikes together and having fun, but there was nothing usual for Scott on this particular day.  The four bikers were riding without their helmets when they came to a heavily traveled highway. The first of the four bikers made it across.  Scott, being the second, made it to the middle and was struck by an automobile.  Scott was rushed to Cooper Hospital by ambulance where he received 13 stitches on his face.  He also was treated for bruises and scratches all over his body. He was very fortunate. While recovering from his injuries Scotts major concern seemed to be the loss of his bike.  Scott plays in the GTBBL on one of the teams in the league's Junior Division.  Upon hearing Scott's story the league's Hoop Dreams Charity presented Scott with a new bike with the condition that he would never ride again without his helmet. Lesson Learned!       

Matthew Rodriguez


Hi, my name is Matthew Rodriguez. My Birthday is October 4th, 2001. I am 6 years old and I live with my Nana, Pop Pop, Daddy and my big brother Marc-Anthony who is 8 years old.

I spent my first month in the N.I.C. Unit at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. People see me as having Downs Syndrome, but my family say I have Up Syndrome because no matter what I always have a smile.

I attended Vorhees Pediatric Medical Daycare until September 2004. I started going to St. John of God School, but I missed a lot of school because I spent a lot of time in Cooper hospital. My doctors are hoping this year will be better and they say I am getting stronger. I like to watch Sponge Bob with my brother.

Thanks to Mr. Rich and his group we can play in our new sandbox. Although Matthew cannot walk or speak his wonderful personality shines through his infectious smile.

The GTBBL was contacted through the Gloucester Township Schools Social Services by Matthew's grandparents for assistance in obtaining a sand box for Matthew to be use as a strength activity. The GTBBL Hoop Dreams Charity Fund provided funds and construction of a 6 ft octagonal pre fabricated sand box for Matthew's use.
A Family Affair
Through the generosity of the members of the GTBBL Coaching Staff, Board Members, Booster Club, Parents, Friends and Sponsors of the league, the Gloucester Township Boys Basketball League has reached out to a family in need here in Gloucester Township.

Through the GTBBL Hoop Dreams Charity Fund the GTBBL has donated $1000.00 to support a truly remarkable family in their time of need.

With respect for the families wishes for privacy they shall remain nameless although they are known by many throughout our community.

We can say that both parents were undergoing treatment for cancer and are an inspiration to everyone that has come to know them through their strength and courage and their two wonderful sons. Dad has recently passed away.  Our prayers and best wishes are with this remarkable family.

Michael Morgan























Michael Morgan is 14 years old and is a 10th grade student at Triton High School. Michael's philosophy is simple. Take each day as it comes and enjoy every minute of it.

Make no mistake about it, he
is a warrior in the true sense of the word. Michael's battle began on February 14,2002 when he was diagnosed with Desmoplastic, a small blue cell tumor. Since then Michael has endured many hospitalizations and nearly 2 years of Chemotherapy and that is why he is a Warrior.

In spite of it all, Michael maintains a happy go-lucky attitude and his infectious personality and attitude has a positive effect on everyone around him. Michael has developed two great passions. One is playing
in the Gloucester Township Boys
League with his teammates on the
The other is playing the keyboard.

Michael's one Christmas wish was for a
computer. Well, his wish came true early
this year. Through the GTBBL Hoop Dreams Charity, Michael's computer was delivered to
his door by the GTBBL on December 21.

We thank him for allowing us to be a part of
his growing fan base and welcome him as one
of our Hoop Dreams Kids.

Chrissie Wilkins
3/10/89 - 8/22/09




Chrissie was 20 years old and lived with her family in Gloucester Township. Her courageous story began 15 years ago. Chrissie suffered from Friedreich's Ataxia, a progressive neurological movement disorder as well as Cardiomyopathy, a disease of the cardiac muscle.

Although Chrissie was bedridden and could not speak she beamed with joy when anyone talked about her favorite subject Harry Potter. Through the good days and the bad ones her courage and spirit still shine. She is truly a remarkable young lady.


Jasmine Fitzpatrick

Jasmine is 12 years old and lives with her family in Sicklerville where she is a student at Anne Mullen Middle School. Jasmine suffers
from MS and although she needs some assistance throughout her school day she is self motivated, enthusiastic, and an excellent

Through the efforts of the GTBBL Hoop Dreams Charity Jasmine was provided with new wheels and a battery for her wheel chair. In addition a handicap ramp was constructed with the help of Len Moffa who
generously volunteered his time to provide her with better access to her home.

offer Jasmine our prayers and best wishes as she prepares to enter 6th
grade this year.

Michael Senk
12/12/91 - 5/5/04

Michael was 12 years old and a student at Chews Elementary School. Michael was diagnosed with Hepatic Encephalography at an early age, In spite of a long and complex medical history Michael managed to stay active in his three favorite activities. He was a member of the Wings of Steel Sled hockey team, he played for Katie's Komets, a wheelchair basketball team, and was a member of Boy Scout Troop #89.

In memory of Michael his parents request that donations be made in Michael's name to the Wings of Steel Sled Hockey Team, 59 Lincoln Avenue, Clementon NJ 08021.

A donation has been made by the GTBBL Hoop Dreams Charity in Michaels name.

Our prayers and deepest sympathies are with Michael and his family.
He will always be one of
our Hoop Dreams Kids.

Amy Keller

Amy is 12 years old and is a sixth grade student at Chews Elementary School. Amy was diagnosed at birth with Cerebral Palsy and Retinopathy of prematurely.

Despite her medical problems Amy is an enthusiastic and fiercely independent and asks for minimal assistance. She has a very warm an outgoing personality.

The GTBBL Hoop Dreams Charity will help in the funding for an access ramp for Amy's house. As soon as plans are completed the GTBBL Hoop Dreams Charity will provide financial assistance for the construction of this project.

The GTBBL is currently funding additional Therapy sessions that help to improve and strengthen Amy's muscle strength and flexibility. 

Stephanie Stellato

1996 - 2013

Stephanie is 11 years old and is in second
grade and is currently a student attending
a Multiple Disabilities classroom at the Bankbridge School.

Stephanie suffers from Retinitis
Pigmentosa which results in severe visual
limitations. Stephanie also Ataxia, which
causes her to have an unsteady gate.
Stephanie's disabilities give the impression
of a child with Cerebral Palsy.

Stephanie has a one-to-one aide to assist with all mobility for safety throughout the school year. She also must wear a padded helmet to protect her from frequent falls. Stephanie also experiences severe speech delays.


Stephanie's parents are receiving financial assistance from Hoop Dreams to provide
therapeutic services from an organization called Shadow Equestrian. Shadow Equestrian provides therapeutic horseback riding which provides a form of physical exercise for disabled children. The hope is that this activity will help to strengthen Stephanies muscles and improve her posture.

Through this therapy Stephanie has already
shown remarkable improvement in her balance
and motor skills. Although Staphanie has
difficulty speaking it is easy to see that
Snickers is one of her very best friends.


he GTBBL Hoop Dreams Charity would like to thank those individuals that have generously donated so much of their time, talent, services, and financial support that have helped to improve the quality of life of our Hoop Dreams Kids and their families.
On behalf of the Gloucester Township Boys Basketball League and the family and friends of these children we thank you.

If you would like to help our Hoop Dreams Kids contact our Hoop Dreams Charity on the GTBBL Hot Line at (856) 208-1367.

Together we can make
a difference!


We make their Hoop Dreams come true!