The GTBBL Basketball Program in Gloucester Township was founded in 1978. It was originally established as the Gloucester Township Basketball League or (GTBL). It  initially started out with a President and Vice President plus Four Division Commissioners, one for each age bracketed divisions. The four divisions were  9 & 10 year-olds, 11& 12 year-olds,

13 &14 year-olds, and 15 to 17 year-olds. The League started out modestly and provided Team T-shirts as a uniforms. Back in the day Game Schedules were hand written out on lined paper and distributed to Coaches. The games and practices were held at several school gyms in Gloucester Township with games being officiated by Asst. Coaches or Parents. The basketball season at that time Operated from December to February. No Records or Data was ever recorded during those early years of operation






















Men's Summer Basketball League




Instructional Division




GTBBL College Scholarship Fund




















In 1986, the Basketball Program schedule was expanded from November thru February. This timeframe allowed for more games and practices to accommodate the growing number of players coming into the Program. The League began using paid Referees from Board 34 to officiate their games. Financially the program was operating on a year to year bases without any additional back-up funds.


In 1992, a group of 13 disillusioned individuals gathered together one evening at a neighbor's house  with the objective of making the current Basketball Program into one that everyone would be proud of. At that time, the organization with a zero balance in the League Account was in debt to the School District for $365.00 for property damage incurred from the previous season. The first action was to take over the GT Basketball Program and begin the reorganization. The Second step in the process was to create a Mission Statement of Goals and Objectives for the New Basketball Program.  At that time, Mike Joyce was elected President, and Rich Brattelli was elected Vice President.  The first Board of Directors were created to support the reorganization of the Program and to ensure its financial stability of the organization.  The GTBL was renamed to the Gloucester Township Boys Basketball League or (GTBBL) and the rest became History. 


In 1994, a new President and Vice President were elected and Rich Brattelli became President and Mike Buchter was elected as Vice President. A 4 Member Executive Board was formed to prepare the way for the the incorporation of the organization. this Executive Board of trusties included the offices of President, Vice President, League Administrator, and Security Chief and at that time the organizations bylaws were created.


In 1995, the league become incorporated with the election of the Executive Board of Trustees that would serve a 2 years terms of office. The Executive Board Officers were elected by the leagues Coaching Staff and league Officers.

The GTBBL Basketball Program was expanded from 4 to 6 divisions that would now include a 7 year-old Instructional Division and an 8 year-old Novice Division to the existing Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior and Senior Divisions. .


At the beginning of 1996 season the Program had grown to more than 60 teams and was ready for a some new Experimental League Activities and Events that were beginning that would be incorporated into the Season Schedule. Some of these activities would become Annual Events, Some of these activities would be discarded or would evolve into other activities, or just discontinued. There was a Friday Night Shoot-out Competition for players 9 years of age an up held at Highland High School, Fun Day at Clementon Park, and the first Senior Division All-star Game was held at Highland Regional High School.


In 2000, the first Stars Summer Basketball Camp for Boys and Girls was held at Highland Regional High School. It was then  moved briefly for a few years to a larger facility at Timber Creek High School which was attended by 300 campers. The Stars Summer Camp and is currently being held at the Gloucester Township Recreation Center. The same year, the GTBBL College Scholarship Fund was founded.


In 2001, the GTBBL Program Expansion continued with the High School Developmental Program (HDP). Photos to the left are some of the Best Players to pass through the GTBBL Program during that period of time. These teams were formed to compete against some of the best High School Teams in the region. in various High School Summer Leagues. Some of these players are still playing in our Men's Summer League today.


In 2004, the first Hoop Dreams Carnival was held to support the organization's Hoop Dreams Charity Fund for those in need n our community.


In 2006 the GTBBL Players Hall of Fame was Created. To date, there are 10 former GTBBL Players that have been inducted into the Hall of Fame. Induction Ceremonies are now held each year at the at the organization's Annual Awards Banquet. Also this year marked the addition of the first Junior Division All-star game which would be linked with the Senior Division All-star game as an annual Doubled-Header Event.   


In 2008 the GTBBL Booster Club was created to support League Activities such as the organizations Hoop Dreams Charity Fund, The Hoop Dreams Carnival, Community Service Projects, and for staffing Special League Events and Activities. The Players Sportsmanship Recognition Program was also started during the 2008 season. 


The Leagues Basketball Program Operations were expanded to include a Men's Summer Basketball League. This new program was created as a result  of  numerous requests from former GTBBL players wishing to extend their playing under the GTBBL Banner. The Men's Summer League has been operating each year during the Summer months of  June to August.


In 2012, the GTBBL went thorough a minor Reorganization and combined the leagues 7 year-old Instructional Division and 8 year-old Novice Division into one division renamed as today's  Instructional Division.


The GTBBL now is in operation on a year-round bases.

The organization is now using Every  Elementary School Gym as well all 3 Middle Schools in Gloucester Township which includes . The Program also uses Highland High School for All-star Games as well as the Gloucester Township  Recreation Center for Games and Practices. The current program now serves players from 7 to 38 years of age. Player Resources have been expanded with a Player Developmental Program, The Stars Summer Basketball Camp which is open to Boys and Girls ages 7 to 17 years of age, and the Men's Summer Basketball League.

CHARITY EFFORTS - The GTBBL supports charitable efforts for those in need through its Hoop Dreams Charity Fund. This fund also supports a Network of other Charitable Organizations.

COMMUNITY SERVICE - The GTBBL provides a Community Service Program for its Student/Athletes

by providing Documentation for Service Hours performed for various Organizational Events and Activities.

PLAYER RECOGNITION PROGRAM - The GTBBL acknowledges the importance of the Recognition of its players. The Players Recognition Program honors players demonstrating outstanding performance in the areas of Sportsmanship and Leadership. There is also a College Scholarship Fund to support our Student/Athletes in their pursuit of higher education.

LEAGUE EVENTS AND ACTIVITIES - The GTBBL offers a variety of league Events and Activities during the year for it members. There is a Pre-season Membership Meeting, A Night with the Sixers, Designer Bag Bingo,  GTBBL March Mania Tournaments, Round Round Robin Mania Day, for the Instructional Division,  Junior and Senior All-star Games, and the Annual Awards Banquet.


From its Humble Beginnings nearly four decades ago, the GTBBL has provided a quality basketball program for thousands of young players. The GTBBL Basketball Program has grown dramatically and has provided various programs and services to benefit the residents of Gloucester township. The GTBBL was built over the years through the tireless efforts of Dedicated Individuals.  The continued support of these Special Individuals and their valuable time and talents support this Organization make this all possible to Make a Difference in Other Peoples Lives........


As for Tomorrow, we have one thought.

That a Dream can be a Glimpse of What Can be Achieved!